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April 23, 2012
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The lair was silent as the three waited.

Roxanne was tied to her chair once more, one leg crossed over the other while she looked at something rather interesting on the ceiling. Minion was stood behind her, twiddling his fingers patiently.

Megamind was, at first, spinning in his chair, but then he began to tap his foot impatiently, followed by an exaggerated sigh.

"What's taking that big oaf so long?" he demanded.

Roxanne rolled her eyes.

"I told you already; he's helping with an evacuation in Japan. One of the volcanoes is about to erupt," she explained.

"And that's more important to him rather than saving his girlfriend?" the alien questioned.

"I'm not his girlfriend."

"Sure you're not."

Roxanne, once again, rolled her eyes.

"Besides, both he and I know that you'll never really hurt me," she said. "And now would be the perfect time to take over the city; but instead, you're waiting for him to come back."

Megamind opened his mouth to banter back, but closed it again when he found nothing to say.

"Well...maybe I should take over the city now!" he proclaimed.

"Go ahead," Roxanne said with a shrug.

The two stared it out. Roxanne knew he wouldn't; he was always too desperate for a battle with his nemesis.

"Maybe we should wait a little longer," Megamind suggested. "See if he shows up."

Roxanne hid a smile.

But, one minute later...

"This is endless! That Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes only cares about himself! How does he think I feel?"

For a third time, Roxanne rolled her eyes.

MegaTheme 5: Waitingby nineteennintytwo

Fan Art / Fan Fiction / Humor©2012-2014 nineteennintytwo
Poor Megamind :(

Just something humorous XD

Disclaimer: Don't own Megamind.
LionshadeSC Apr 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cute x3
xShoutSweets Apr 23, 2012
hut? I think it's hurt lol XD
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