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December 29, 2010
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They were interrupted by a crash.

Spinning round, Megamind held Roxanne behind him as Wayne burst through the double doors, the anger shown in his eyes as he scanned the room. Kids backed away screaming; they had never seen the most popular boy in school act like this. Wayne's eyes grew dark when they settled upon Megamind and Roxanne standing together.

"What's the plan?" Roxanne whispered, her face right next to her love's ear.

"Um, that disguise thing was the plan," Megamind explained rather hesitantly. "Now I'm just winging it."

The two of them cowered before the floating boy as he drifted closer and closer. Bernard and Jorrie – both of whom were the only ones who weren't backing away – looked on in horror.

"We have to help them," Jorrie decided.

Bernard's eyes scanned the room before they fell upon the fire extinguisher in the corner. It probably wouldn't do much, but it would at least give Roxanne and Megamind some time to get away.

"Here, help with this!" he told Jorrie, before hurrying over to the item and picking it up.

Jorrie held it with him, and together, they sprayed the substance into Wayne's eyes. The flying boy backed away, his vision clouded momentarily as the white stuff settled on his face and person.

"Go!" Jorrie cried.

The two lovers didn't need telling twice. Spying Minion over by the fire exit with Rose, the two of them made a run for it, making it outside and shutting the door just in time. Wayne used his super speed to create wind, blowing away the white cloud before pausing to search for Megamind and Roxanne. Both had disappeared. But he could hear them outside, hurrying away. He didn't hesitate to burst out the fire exit and give chase.

"I left the jet pack over here, sir!" Minion yelled as they hurried through the streets, away from the school.

"Will it last?" Megamind asked.

"Should do, it's full," his fish friend replied.

"So I'm assuming that we're sticking with the original plan?" Roxanne questioned.

"We don't really have much else to work with," Megamind told her, his hand clutching hers as he pulled her along behind him.

Suddenly, Wayne thumped to the ground in front of them, causing them all to skid to a halt with Roxanne and Rose behind Megamind and Minion. They cowered at the look in Wayne's eyes; he was angry before, but now he looked absolutely livid.

"You won't get away with this, Megamind!" Wayne yelled, pointing a finger at him. "Justice will always bring you down!"

"If Justice is such a good thing, then why is it trying to interfere with my happiness?" Megamind shot back.

"Because your happiness is Evil and sinister, full of dark intentions!"

"Then you need to take off the sunglasses and see the light!"

"The sunglasses protect my eyes from the UV rays of Evil!"

"The only rays of Evil are the ones reflecting off your teeth!"

"OK, OK, that's enough!" Roxanne snapped, standing in between them before turning to Wayne. "He's right, Wayne. He is doing no evil. And before you say anything, he's not kidnapping me. We're...running away. Together. So some real good and let us go."

"But, Roxie..." he stammered, not willing to give up easily, "he's dangerous. Its his destiny to be bad. This isn't right; how can you even love him?"

"Because he's sweet, smart, funny and caring," Roxanne replied. "Far more than you'll ever be. And destiny isn't a path given to you; its a path we choose for ourselves."

"That's not what I was taught," Wayne told her. "I'm supposed to be the hero, you're supposed to be the damsel-in-distress, and he's supposed to be the villain. That's how this all works; you're not supposed to be with him!"

"That's just ridiculous!" Roxanne scoffed, disbelieved. "I mean, do you want to be the hero?"

Wayne opened his mouth, about to answer as if the question was easy, until he had a second thought and shut it again. Turning away, the boy looked deep in thought as he gazed up at the Metro City Tower. A sigh escaped his mouth.

"No one's ever asked me what I wanna do," he spoke, both to himself and to the others. "It's always been "Wayne, you need to be this," or "Wayne, you need to do that," all my life."

Megamind and Roxanne exchanged confused glances. So Mr. Perfect...wasn't so perfect, after all?

"My childhood wasn't what you'd expect it to be," Wayne continued. "I had everything, and yet, I had nothing. Neither of my parents never really loved me. My father never even looked up from his newspaper to acknowledge me, and my mother always told me what society expected of me. Because I was blessed with these powers, I had to be the hero. I soon thought them a curse rather than a blessing."

He sighed again, looking down at his feet as he slowly descended to the ground.

"I guess that's why I became such a show-off and a suck-up when I started school," he continued again. "All the kids and teachers were so obsessed with my powers, I used them more often to get attention. I soon realized that these kids were only my friends because of my powers, and not because of who I was as a person. Then you showed up, Blue. And all the anger I felt towards my powers I directed at you. You were always getting things wrong and messing things up; my mother said it was because you were the bad guy, the person I was supposed to fight. Which in my eyes, made my actions against you justified; it soothed my guilt, at least."

At least he felt guilt, Roxanne thought.

"I suppressed my true colours about everything when I started High School," Wayne once again continued. "After all, I was earning popularity, despite the fact that I was never truly happy. I guess that unhappiness came out in the form of sucking-up and being a jerk. Then you came along, Roxanne. My mother told me you were the damsel; the one I was supposed to save and protect. I didn't mind; I thought you were pretty. But you always rejected me, and I couldn't understand why. Until I saw the two of you together, so happy. I guess I grew jealous because I want what you two have; true friendship and understanding. You two love each other for who you both are on the inside. My friends just like me because of my powers."

The two of them gazed at Wayne in pity and understanding. So that was why he was such a suck-up and a jerk? It made sense, and also made his actions justified. After all, it wasn't entirely his fault; mostly to do with his upbringing and what people expected of him. Both Megamind and Roxanne knew what that felt like all too well.

"I don't even know what I should do any more," Wayne mused, sitting himself down on a bench. "After telling you all this, I can't just go back to how I was before. It's not right, and I don't want to stay unhappy for the rest of my life."

Roxanne and Megamind exchanged glances, before the former stepped forward.

"Well, what do you wanna do?" she asked. "There's gotta be something, right?"

Wayne looked up, two pairs of blue eyes meeting, before he looked off to the side in deep thought.

"Well, I've never told this to anyone, but," he began, rising back up again, "I've always liked music. Elvis is my favourite. I always liked the way musicians played their guitars, and wrote their songs according to something that happened in their lives. It's just so...inspirational. And I want to spread my own inspiration to the world."

"Then do it," Roxanne told him. "It's your life and your choice. Not anyone else's. Your parents and friends shouldn't stop you from following your heart."

"If you want, you can have this holowatch?" Megamind offered, holding it up.

"No," Wayne declined. "I want to do it with my own face. But...thank you. Both of you. I've never felt so...alive."

"I hope you find what you're looking for," Roxanne said. "Now, will you let us go, so we can follow our own hearts?"

"I'm not stopping you," he replied with a smile – a smile he hadn't worn in a long, long time.

Roxanne offered him a smile back, and even Megamind gave his former enemy a small grin (although, if anyone asked later, he would no doubt deny it). But the moment was ruined, like the many before them, by the sound of police sirens echoing in the distance. Unfortunately growing closer by the minute.

"Seriously, is it always gonna be this way?" Megamind huffed, whilst Roxanne sent Wayne a glare.

"Don't look at me," the flying boy denied, raising his hands innocently. "But your mother knows, since I went there first; it was probably her. I've never realized just how much she's like my own mother."

"We need to go, now," Minion interrupted.

"Go," Wayne echoed hurriedly. "I'll distract them."

"Thank you," Roxanne thanked him gratefully, before she, Megamind, Minion and Rose hurried away, disappearing down a dark alley.

Wayne watched them until he was sure that they'd gone completely, before turning towards the approaching police cars. They pulled up right next to him and several officers hopped out, followed by Roxanne's mother, looking extremely worried.

"Have you found them?" she asked desperately. "Please tell me you at least know where they are!"

"I'm sorry, Ma'am, it's like they vanished," Wayne lied, keeping his promise. "But I must assure you; Megamind isn't like normal villains. He won't lay a hand on them, I'm sure."

As he said this, Bernard and Jorrie appeared on the scene, wanting to know what had become of their friends. There were relieved to see that the two of them hadn't been caught again.

"Where are they?" Jorrie whispered to Bernard in confusion. "Its a little strange how Wayne hasn't found them; I'm not being negative, or anything, but he does have super sight and super hearing."

"Unless something's happened we have no knowledge of," Bernard whispered back.

"I know where they are."

All heads turned to see Hal Stewart waltzing out from around the corner, a smug smile planted across his face.

"I saw them make a run for it towards the building site nearby," he explained.

The officers climbed in their cars, joined by Rebecca, and took off in that direction. Bernard and Jorrie, who had been joined by Wayne, gave each other a worried look.

They arrived at the location; tape and cones had been placed around the site, preventing people from entering, but it certainly didn't stop the four runaways. The group ducked underneath and kept on running.

Police cars pulled up, but no one dared to enter the dangerous site. Eventually one of the officers cried out, pointing at the shadows in the distance. Another officer flashed his flash light in the same direction, which revealed Megamind and Roxanne running; both froze when the light shined upon them. Minion and Rose were ahead them, but they dived into the shadows when the light hit the two behind.

"There they are!" the officer cried.

"Roxanne!" her mother cried.

"Step away from the young lady!" another officer bellowed. "And come out with your hands up!"

Neither Megamind nor Roxanne moved. So one of the younger, more inexperienced officers took out his gun to take a shot at the blue boy. Megamind saw it coming, so pushed Roxanne out the way and dived in the opposite direction. Also noticing the gun drawn, Bernard and Jorrie (who had arrived with Wayne's help) dived for him.

"No! You don't understand!" Jorrie cried.

They both tried to grab the gun, but it was fired by accident and the shot went long. It ended up hitting a loose part of the building which hadn't been properly secured, and with the sudden shock, it crumbled and began to fall.

And Megamind was right in it's path, which he realized too late. Instincts taking over her brain, Roxanne ran to him, leaping onto his body just in time before the rubble came down on top of them.

"ROXANNE!" her mother screamed.

"SIR!" Minion yelled at the same time, covering Rose's eyes.

Roxanne thought she was dead. Everything was dark, but there was no pain. And she couldn't move. Was this death? She didn't know, but it didn't matter. She and Megamind had gone together. Maybe now they could be together, without anyone telling them what to do and that they couldn't be with one another.

But then, she slowly began to come to, and she found her eyes opening to see Megamind lying below her, his eyes screwed shut. They opened with hers, and for a moment, they just looked at each other. Neither knew what to do or say.

"Are we dead?" Megamind asked, voicing Roxanne's and his own thoughts.

"I don't know," she replied honestly. "I don't...feel dead, but there's no way we could survive having all that rubble collapsing on us."

"Unless," Megamind said thoughtfully, his eyes gazing around him, "something stopped it all from completely landing on us."

Frowning in confusion, Roxanne's eyes looked around too, and realized what he meant. Of course! She was wearing her necklace! The same necklace he'd made for her all those years ago. The one which had saved her from bumping her head. The object was glowing blue, like it had done that day, and had formed a bubble around the both of them, protecting them from the rubble which had landed on top.

"See?" she observed. "Didn't I tell you that the stuff you make does good things?"

Megamind smiled up at her warmly, before pulling her closer when something outside the bubble fell. Biting her lip, Roxanne rested her head on his chest.

"Looks like we're trapped," she told him. "Its hopeless."

"Its not hopeless," Megamind assured her.

"It is," she said back. "Megamind, part of a building just collapsed on top of us! And since no one knows about this necklace they'll assume we've been crushed. They won't expect us to have survived that."

The sadness in her eyes rubbed off on Megamind, and he found himself reaching up to wipe a tear which had drained from her eye. His hold on her tightened as she leaned into him once more.

"You know," she mused, her eyes closed, "I always used to fear death. You don't know what happens afterwards. But laying here, right now, I don't fear what will happen."

"Maybe that's because you know you're not facing it alone," Megamind spoke softly.

Roxanne's eyes opened as she looked down at him, his smile making her smile like a mirror reflection. They leaned in to kiss for the second time that night, but a piece of rubble being removed above them caused them to clutch each other in fear. Their eyes darted upwards.

Megamind - Fate Chpt16by nineteennintytwo

Fan Art / Fan Fiction / Romance©2010-2014 nineteennintytwo
So here's an even more tense chapter! Hope you like it!

And I know, you're all probably going to kill me now for making Wayne nice. But as you all saw in the film, he's not such a bad guy. Just a complicated upbringing, like with Megamind.

Please leave reviews!

Disclaimer: Don't own Megamind. Will take credit for any characters you don't recognize.

EDIT: Along with editing to correct mistakes, I've changed the sister's name to Rose and Metro Man's name to Wayne (since that was his name in the original script). Just to let everyone know.

EDIT 2: I finally found a way to keep this city in its canon location without having to change the story completely! Yes, this chapter has been edited so instead of an earthquake, something else happens. Hope you all like!
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I KNEW they lived in (or near) Cali.
EEEEEWWWW!!! MARK HAS A SOOOUUULLLL@!!!! XDXD, But I'm glad he tries to let them ge away. :D Even if he doesn't deserve a soul. :P
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